Why do not the related Articles and Recent Articles work in other languages support portal

If Freshdesk Portal is in another language then, why are not work related articles and recent articles any others language support portal.

Recent article code 

<section class="articles home-promoted">

                        <h3 class="promoted_title">Recent articles</h3>

          <ul class="promoted-articles">

  {% for article in portal.recent_articles limit:5 %}

                  <li><a class="ol" href="{{article.url}}">{{article.title | h }}</a>

                {% if article.body_plain != blank %}

                {% endif %}


            {% endfor %}



Related Article code

<section class="col-md-3 col-sm-3 col-xs-12 fc-related-articles">

  {{ article | related_articles: 10, 'related_articles' }}



Hello Afsar,

It unfortunately looks like you have reached the wrong forum. May I request you to post this in one of the Freshdesk Forums? 


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